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Nothing but the Truth is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon.

The Vicar of Dibley with murders!

The conservative rural backwater of West Tillington has never had a female vicar before, certainly not one who isn't really a vicar and has half a million pounds of stolen bank notes stuffed in her mattress.

With the aid of, steadying shots of rum and her wits Sarah Wilson makes a convincing minister, but her cover risks being blown when she gives shelter to evicted goat farmer Jack and his young son.

And it seems that Sarah isn't the only imposter. When she discovers that council chief Terence Johnson is a dangerous man, she must turn sleuth to uncover the extent of his crimes.

But is Terence on to her? To what lengths will he go to silence her?

A dead poodle, a disappearance, a poisoning

Sleepy West Tillington is about to wake up.

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