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The Tortoise - Out Now!

How to Purchase

  1. Head over to Amazon

  2. Search for 'The Tortoise' by Emma Williams

  3. Alternatively, you can use this link

  4. When you've read it, please leave me a review on Amazon - I would love to know what you thought!

What's it about?

The novel is set over one year - 2019 - and is told from the perspective of three people:

  • Dr Clara Astrell, a recently retired GP, who becomes a murder suspect when she inherits a dead woman's tortoise.

  • Jo Burns-Whyte, a hedonistic ex-nurse who turns amateur sleuth in order to find her best friend's killer.

  • Detective Inspector John Appleton, who tries to solve the case despite the obstacles laid by his disobliging boss.

The idea for the book started with Clara; an independent self-assured woman who starts to have doubts about her career. I developed Jo as the antithesis of Clara but as the story unfolds it seems that they have some things in common.

I wanted to write a poignant book that was also light-hearted, entertaining and enjoyable to read. It explores the importance of separating truth from fiction, thoughts from facts and how our early choices alter the rest of our lives.


It is also about fun, friendship and tortoises. I hope you enjoy it!

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