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About The Author


My assistant editor, Sulby, is responsible for reviewing the story arc and suggesting some minor changes. She can often be found taking her 'breaks' on the sofa.

I worked in NHS psychiatric hospitals for thirty years before taking early retirement in 2017 to focus on my writing. I enjoy walking in the woods, mammal watching (a lot more interesting than birds!) and visiting lighthouses.

In 2018, my first short story - How to be Normal - was published in the anthology 'The Most Normal Town in England' [link here].

I have been listed for a number of short story prizes including:

  • Todd: The Alpine Fellowship Short Story Prize and the Bedford competition (2020)

  • My Little Fruit Bat: the Segora International Prize (2020)

  • The Lost Camel of Lower Chadlington: The Cambridge Prize and prize-winning finalist in the Segora competition (2020)

  • Kicking the Bucket: The Cambridge Prize (2021)

  • Our Host at Number Ten, Some say that Hector the Badger wasn't a Badger at all: short listed for Segora Prize (2021).

  • Best Served Cold, Winner of Segora International Short Story Prize (2021).

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